Our logistic team has only on deliverable: ensuring that clients get products they order anywhere in the world right at their doorsteps in excellent condition and within the right time frame.

Quality Control and Package Security Are Our Top Priorities

As soon as your order is placed and confirmed, we take products through rigorous testing before packaging. Items undergo a secondary Quality Control and Assurance process to ensure that it meets set standards of conformity in your country/region. After this phase is completed successfully, goods are further secured for safety and dispatched to customers’ destinations using the most efficient courier networks.

Real-time Tracking and Updates

Goods are diligently tracked from the minute they leave our facility in the USA or our worldwide logistics hubs, to the moment you sign the delivery form. Real time updates are provided so that you can know where your order is at every stage of the delivery process. We keep communication channels open so that you can speak with our logistic team anytime you need extra information.

Closing the Loop…

Creating Happy Experiences…We are dedicated to your happiness and our logistic team will go above and beyond to ensure that you get quality support and hundred percent satisfaction every time you do business with us.